Sage & Folly Nut Butter Popsicles

Sage & Folly Nut Butter Popsicles

Sage & Folly Very Berry Seeds - 1 tbsp
Home made cottage cheese/ paneer OR thick hung curd/ yogurt - 1 tbsp
Organic Jaggery - 1 tsp (optional; you may use any sweetener of your choice)
Strawberry, pineapple, cherry, mango - 2 pieces each (you may use fruits of your choice)
Water - 1 tsp ( as may be needed for blending to a smooth mix)

P:S - You may use any other flavour of Sage & Folly nut butter. The flavours Coco Almond Chocolate, Cashew Lemon Pop, Almond Espresso, Pistachio Power and Chocolate Peanut Butter would work very well.

Using paneer or yogurt is optional. You may choose to mix the nut butters with water and prepare the mix. The paneer or yogurt lend to it a super creamy texture, paneer more so than the yogurt.

Instead of the fruits, feel free to put in cookie chunks, choco chips, sprinkles and such.

Put in all the ingredients into the blender vessel. Blend into a smooth paste.
Pour into the popsicle mould and leave it in the freezer for a few hours to set.
Once frozen and set, take it out of the mould
Ready to serve and relish!

Enjoy this delicious fuss free fix!
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